3 point suspension heavy duty centrifuge

Our rubber suspended electrically driven centrifuger (Hydro-extractor) is a new concept in a centrifuges. It has a latest new system of suspension (First time in India.) basket & body are suspended over three sturdy stanchions through hard rubber loaded suspension rods, against the conventional system of spring suspension, which offers new full-proof system FIRST TIME IN INDIA with following added advantages.

  • Rubber suspension is chemical resistance hence no corrosion, no maintenance and longer trouble free economical life.
  • Better suspension with horizontal and vertical shock absorbtion-vibration less and noiseless, life long performance.
  • Better balancing gives smooth running.
  • Heavy duty models avaliable.

Basket :

The baskets are avaliable in standard sizes of 24", 36", 48" & 60" fabricated out of S.S., M.S., Copper or Rubber Lined.

Monitor Casing :

The moniter casing is made of 6 mm thick M.S. plates and lined with 4 mm natural rubber or 16 SWG thick Stainless Steel sheets as per requirement.

Suspension :

Basket & body are suspended ove three sturdy stanchions throngh hard rubber loaded suspension rods.

Bearings :

Heavy duty Roller bearings & thrust with oil seals are used.

Brake :

An easy to operate brake is fitted to this machine controlled by a handle.

Motor Drive :

High torque motor is fitted to the outer casing and transmission to the basket is provided through centrifugal clutch pully and V-belts. Special type of motor like explossion proof can be supplied against specific orders.

Safety Cover :

Machines are fitted with strong hinged solid M.S. cover interlocked with the machine so that the machine can not be started unless the cover is down.

Lubrication :

Grease lubrication is required periodically.

Guarantee :

All our machines are guaranteed against any manufacturing defact or faculty workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery.

Development :

We reserve the right, without notice to improve or modify the machine.

Referance :

Please ask for the list of our customers for performance reference.

Specifications :

Dry wt. approx holding capacity of basket /
charge of Sulphate of Alum (BD = 1)
24" 15" 1200 5 @ 75 Kg.
36" 15" 1050 10 @ 160 Kg.
48" 18" 800 15 @ 250 kg.
60" 24" 600 20 @ 475 Kg.