3 point suspension heavy duty Centrifuges
Our rubber suspended electrically driven centrifuger (Hydro-extractor) is a new concept in a centrifuges. It has a latest new system of suspension (First time in India.) basket & body are suspended over three sturdy stanchions through...
Fluid Bed Dryer
The Fluid Bed Dryer is most suitable for drying crystalline, granular, coarse & fine material. The wet material is kept in product container, the perforated plate at the bottom works as air distributor & have fine wire mesh which retains the product in the container...
4 Point suspension 48" dia lifting bag centrifuge
Note : 1. Values indicated are approximate and may vary on actual machines
2. The centrifugal force relates to the basket diameter and maximum speed
3 Basket load in Kgs. will vary based on Bulk Density of the material.
Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

Agitated Filter is a closed vessel designed to separate solid and liquid by filtration under pressure or vacuum. The closed operation ensures odorless, contamination free and nonpolluting working conditions maintaining product purity and hygiene. The advanced technology of agitation and hydraulics used in the equipment makes it versatile and user friendly. The resulting wet cake can be reslurried and washed thoroughly with water or solvents unlike in” NUTSCHE” type filters or centrifuges. Wash liquid quantity can be controlled and recycled, reducing effluent load. The discharge of wet cake is automatic. If the process demands filtration in chilled or hot condition, it is also possible. Drying of wet cake is also possible when drying features are incorporated.

The equipment is functionally safe and easy to operate. It can carry out various phase of process operations, viz: Crystallization , filtration, extraction, Discoloration, Washing and drying. The number of conventional machines employed for filtration process are also reduced. It has multi- functional utility, saves on power, labor, floor space, material wastage and time.